The faculty of science, Alexandria University aspires to be a leading institution in teaching and research for basic and applied sciences for serving the community and to be a center of excellence, locally and regionally.


It is our mission as a faculty to serve the environmental and industrial need and help our society. Thus we have to prepare highly qualified scientists to meet the needs of the market at large, besides conducting pure and applied researches to support our national development . The faculty seeks to accomplish such a mission by dedicating itself to achieve distinction in teaching learning through designing and offering innovative programs to build linkages, collaboration and partnership with various stakeholder sectors in order to create future job opportunities for our graduates, and to stimulate a dynamic institution that serves the society through consultancy, community services, information technology and environmental conservation and to encourage regional as well as international collaboration, keeping in mind the eminent value of the dynamic faculty – Alumni relationship.

Dean's word

Welcome to the Faculty of Science The Faculty of Science at Alexandria University is poised to be a leading institution in education and research as well as a national and international center of excellence (Faculty Vision). 
Our faculty is a vibrant, active, diverse scientific community and a pioneering center for generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in basic and applied sciences and technology. In a unique atmosphere of collegial spirit, good will, mutual support and productive opportunities, the faculty of science has amassed a huge array of active researchers and expertise.


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